Yvan Norotte

PhD Candidate in Marketing
HEC Paris


My research interests revolve around cognitive psychology, judgement, and decision making in the context of online interactions. I am passionate about understanding the role social inferences and their consequences for online platforms, misinformation, and polarization. Considering the restrictive nature of online interactions (short texts, images, comments, likes...), an important part of communication is implicit and subject to inferences about intentions, traits, and motives. To what extent do users' interpretations of a phenomenon drive their reaction? In which context can we predict user inferences? Importantly, can we help fighting important societal challenges by leveraging those inferences? 

Combining experimental and secondary data from various countries, my research lies at the intersection between marketing, psychology, and information systems. I fully embrace a multi-method approach to research as I strive to answer each research questions with the most appropriate methodology. So far, I have used online experiments, laboratory experiments, physiological data recording, and social network analysis in my projects. Always happy to learn more!